Michigan Legislature passes SB897, imposing work requirements

This week, the Michigan Legislature passed Senate Bill 897, which would impose work requirements on certain eligible Healthy Michigan beneficiaries with some exceptions. Several changes were negotiated throughout the process, including revising the hourly requirement from 29 hours per week to 80 hours per month and only imposing work requirements on eligible beneficiaries within the Health Michigan population, rather than also including traditional Medicaid.

In response to the bill’s imminent passage, MSMS sent a letter this week to both Governor Snyder and the bill sponsor, Senator Mike Shirkey, recognizing the improvements that have been made while also outlining some continued concerns, including potential impacts to access to care, and requesting an ongoing dialogue and robust evaluation process as the law is implemented. The Senate concurred with the House changes and the bill will then be sent to the Governor who is likely to sign it into law. Ultimately, a waiver will need to be approved by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services prior to implementation. 

Click here to read the letter from MSMS President Betty Chu, MD, MBA >>


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