Education Resources

2017 Michigan Conference on CME Accreditation

Annual CME Conference - August 11, 2017

8:30 a.m. Updated ACCME Commendation Criteria - Steve Singer, PhD
9:30 a.m. CME for Maintenance of Certification - Steve Singer, PhD
10:10 a.m. Content Validation: What the Provider Needs to Know - Steve Singer, PhD
MSMS Provider's Best Practices:
Content Validation - Kathy Collins
Content Validation - Rebecca Daniel, MD
10:40 a.m. CME Jeopardy - Steve Singer, PhD; and Rebecca Daniel, MD
11:30 a.m. Conflict of Resolution/Disclosure Cases - Beth Banner, CHCP
1:00 p.m. Michigan Licensure Requirements - Michael Madura, MD
•  Continuing Education Requirements for Michigan Medical Doctors
•  Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs - Director's Office - Medicine - General Rules
1:30 p.m. Survey Says... Making Wise Compliance Choices Today to Avoid Accreditor's Regret Tomorrow - Brooke Taylor, MPH, CCMEP

Resident Programs

MSMS Offers No-Cost, Customized Education for Residents

    Based on direct survey feedback from resident members, MSMS is promoting its diverse menu of no-cost programs for residents through its network of educational resources. All programs can be customized for the individual organization and can be conveniently presented on-site.

    Program topics include:

    • Career Options after Residency 
    • Communicating to Your Patients: Do They Understand You? 
    • Contracting Issues 
    • Debt Management and How to Protect Your Credit 
    • Disability Insurance 
    • Health Plan and Coding Resources
    • How To Write a Resume/Tips for Interviewing 
    • J-1 Visas 
    • Joining a Practice 
    • Identity Theft 
    • Immunization Basics 
    • Legislative Advocacy/Grassroots 101 
    • Long Term Care for the Resident or a Parent
    • Medical Ethics
    • Medical Records and the Law 
    • Michigan State Loan Repayment Program 
    • Preparing for the OIG: Are You Compliant? 
    • Professionalism and Leadership 
    • Starting a Practice/Business 101 


    For more information, please contact Trisha Keast at 517-336-5724.